FabLab Rules

BEST Hacking League

§ 1

  1. These regulations (henceforth „Regulations”) determine rules of usage of the FabLab space during BEST Hacking League, which takes place on 6-7 November 2020 in Centralny Dom Technologii at Krucza Street 50, Warsaw.
  2. The Paricipant of the BEST Hacking League using machines, tools and devices in FabLab space is obliged to follow the Regulations, rules and regulations of BEST Hacking League and regulations of Centralny Dom Technologii.
  3. FabLab space is divided into three zones:
    1. 3D Printer Zone
    2. Workshop Zone
    3. Shop
  4. A person responsible for the equipment of the FabLab space (henceforth „Keeper”) is present in FabLab space at all times.
  5. Whilst using the FabLab space the Participant shall use the equipment as intended.

§ 2

  1. Participants are allowed to use deices available in 3D Printer Zone only in FabLab space.
  2. In the beginning of printing name of the Team, start time and expected printing time must be put on a list available next to the printer.
  3. If all of the printers are busy, the Team willing to print something must inform the Keeper and sign up on the waitlist. The Team will be called to the zone, when a printer becomes available.
  4. To print an element one can use a computer available next to the printer or a SD card. Connecting private equipment with the printers is forbidden.
  5. Each malfunction of 3D printers must be reported to the Keeper. A Team, which fails to report a malfuntion, which happens, while they are using the 3D printer, will be held financially responsible.

§ 3

  1. The Participant can use tools at their own risk after reading OSH instruction and going through a tutorial.
  2. Number of people in the Workshop zone is limited. The limit will be given in the beginning of the Hackathon.
  3. Before using any tool the Participant ought to check it’s condition. If the tool is damaged or malfunctions, it must be reported to the Keeper.
  4. The Paricipant is fully responsible for the equipment throughout the time they are using it.
  5. The Participant is obliged to cover costs of repair or replacement of tools or devices in the FabLab space if such repair or replacement is necessary due to either Participant’s misuse of tools or devices or Participant’s own fault.
  6. After work the Participant ought to put all of the tools back and clean up the workstation. They must make sure the equipment is operational and ready for use by the next Participant.
  7. Tools available in the Workshop Zone can be used only in the FabLab space.

§ 4

  1. Each Team in the Hardware category will recieve a coupon for 2000 BHLons to use in the Shop in the FabLab space.
  2. The list of available elements (henceforth „List”) will be available to the Participants of the Hardware category in the beginning of the Hackathon on an informational channel of Hackathon’s workspace on Slack. It will be also available in the Shop.
  3. The List is updated regularly. Availability of elements can be checked online.
  4. Purchases in the Shop can be done only by the captain of the Team.
  5. Elements available in the Shop are divided into two categories – priced elements and free elements.
  6. Each Team can get a limited amount of free elements. Limits are on the List.
  7. Prices of priced elements are on the List. Until 19:00 on 6.11.2020 the number of purchased priced elements by one Team is limited (limits are on the List). After this time the limits are lifted.
  8. Any transactions in the Shop can be done only using BHLons.
  9. The Shop does not accept returns.

§ 5

  1. Each workstation in the FabLab space has suitable OSH instructions.
  2. Participant in the FabLab space is obliged to follow OSH rules and fire code of the Hackathon Space.
  3. Any proceedings endangering personal safety and/or safety of others in the FabLab space are strictly forbidden.
  4. Any consumption of food and/or drinks in the FabLab space is strictly forbidden.
  5. Smoking tobacco products, novel tobacco products or e-cigarets in the FabLab space is strictly forbidden.
  6. Keeper has the right to remove any Participant not following Regulations or Keeper’s orders from the FabLab space.

§ 6

  1. These Regulations become effective on 5.11.2020.