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This is the theme of this year's, 3rd edition of BEST Hacking League BEST Hacking League is Hackathon (24-hour programming competition) organized in parallel with the workshops of companies related to the IT industry. Its main goal is to develop students by solving real problems that they may encounter in their career. It also allows you to test your skills - not only technical ones - but also work in a group and under time pressure. The theme, as devoted to education, is designed to induce participants to create innovative solutions to improve learning or whose reconstruction will allow to acquire new skills to a wide audience. How do we want to do this? After completing Hackathon, we will put the best solutions and projects on our website so that everyone can benefit from them.


The team's task will be to create a prototype of an intelligent device that can react in some way to changes in its environment and / or can be configured using a remote mechanism. We will provide the necessary equipment and materials, however, participants can also use their equipment. In addition, each team will be required to describe their project and to document the stages of its creation. The participants' solutions will be published on the website for educational purposes. Thanks to cooperation with, we will ensure for each team:

 - ESP-32 dual-core board (ESP-WROOM-32 based) pre-flashed with Arduino bootloader

 - necessary USB cables for starting the tiles

 - universal plate - starter cables

- THT LED diodes together with resistors to control their operation

 - distance sensors and basic materials for lightweight constructions. Additionally, if you have an idea and would like to use specific parts

 - you can enter them in the application form, and we will try to provide them




The task of each team will be to create an innovative technological solution that meets at least one of the following criteria:
· Increases the efficiency of learning
· Improves the quality of education in schools and universities
· Promotes digital skills in society
· Facilitates learning for people with learning disabilities or people with disabilities
· Improves communication and knowledge transfer
Participants are free to choose the technologies in which they will create competition projects.



A handful of practical information: 
· Required student status· A team consisting of 2-6 people, of which at least half are PW students
· Ability to sign up without a completed team
· Help of experienced mentors
· Attractive awards sponsored by Samsung and gifts for all participants from the Helion publishing house
· Chill zone & a nice meal
· Free participation in the event